Kiwanis Kids from Grolee Elementary

Today we recognized our Kiwanis Kids from Grolee Elementary. These students stepped up their game by improving their academic performance! Bottom left to right: Chance Owens, Jayven Cary, Jhoneve Guillory, Marvin Morris, and Raylene Pickney. Top left to right: Kiwanian Jacque Folse of St. Landry Homestead, Brandon Singleton (principal), and Kiwanian Madelyn Rosette of CASA. … Read more

Kiwanis Kids from Northeast Elementary

Northeast School Kiwanis Kids

We are very proud of our Kiwanis Kids from Northeast Elementary! This group has worked hard and got rewarded for improving academically during the 2nd Nine Weeks! Front row left to right: Xyzavion Hicks, Kaymien Manuel Back row left to right: Kiwanian Dwanetta Scott of the St. Landry Parish School Board, Mark Tyler, Chloe Manuel, Carly Thomas, … Read more

Kiwanis Kids of Park Vista Elementary

Kiwanis Kids of Park Vista

Better late than never Kiwanis Kids bicycle presentation at Park Vista Elementary from last year’s academic efforts! Congratulations to Brandon Atwood and Rainey Marks! These two really went above and beyond and improved academically! 🚲 Work Hard. Get Rewarded. 🚲 Pictured below include Mr. Joubert, Principal; Rainey Marks; Carla Marks; Kiwanian Brother Perry Hubbs of … Read more